Unsecured Personal Loans – Explaining the “Why” Behind its Popularity

Personal loans through banks and financial institutions have been a constant source of funds for most borrowers in the UK. Limited funds and an unlimited number of expenses have always forced individuals to use personal loans. Unsecured personal loans, a version of personal loans, has been very popular among tenants and homeless people. Of late, homeowners too started showing an interest in unsecured personal loans. Reason: the loan provider cannot claim a direct charge on any asset, particularly home.

The absence of collateral in an unsecured personal loan doesn’t allow loan provider a direct charge on any asset. In the event of bankruptcy, unsecured loan providers are the last to be disbursed. When the proceeds of liquidation are not enough to suffice every creditor, unsecured creditors are the ones who lose.

This clearly demonstrates the relatively higher risk that Unsecured Personal loans providers have to face. The stark differences in terms between the two kinds of personal loans are thus justified. This serves as a food for thought for many borrowers who would otherwise complain of inflated terms on unsecured personal loans.

Risk plays an important role in gaining the trust of loan providers. Risk is defined as the potential harm that may arise from some event taking place in the present or in the future. Having no collateral to back repayments on increase the risk quotient.

The worst affected through the increase in risk is interest rate. Interest rate rises manifold in an unsecured personal loan. While on most occasions the increase is justified, lenders will not miss the opportunity to make some extra pounds. This is done by adding a few percentage points to an already inflated interest rate. Most borrowers will accept this as the norm. Others, who conduct proper search before consenting to the loan, will question the increased interest rate.

Comparison of interest rate using loan calculator is till today the best method to avoid loan providers overcharging in terms of interest. Loan calculator illustrates the rates of interest being charged by several prominent banks and financial institutions. The interest rate chargeable on separate categories of loans is also listed in the loan calculator. A borrower planning to have unsecured personal loan will first go to the relevant loan category; in this case the category is unsecured personal loan. A look through the category will reveal the least rates. If the rate being offered to you is higher, then shifting loan providers will be the solution. Allowing the loan provider a justification for the increased rates will be necessary. Sometimes because of bad credit history, the rate of interest or APR has to be further increased.

A benefit that unsecured personal loans enjoy over secured personal loans is the promptness of approval. Valuation of property or asset will not be required as in secured loans. A large chunk of time employed for these valuations is saved in this process. Consequently, unsecured personal loans will be preferred on the scales of faster availability.

Not many lenders would be prepared to offer large sums of money through unsecured personal loans. The amount desired will be slivered off. Unsecured personal loans cannot be used for purposes where the amount of finance required is very large.

The faith enjoyed by a borrower in banks and his personal credit report has a very important role to play in improving his case for unsecured personal loan. Some loan providers immediately reject those with bad credit history. Some others, who are considerate to the problems of bad credit borrowers, offer unsecured personal loans, but with caution. The loan amount rendered is small. Lending policies may however be made less stringent for the borrowers with bad credit. The increasing number of cases of bad credit is improving acceptance of bad credit as a regular phenomena.

The increasing preference of homeowners as well as homeless, for unsecured personal loans sees no decline. The desire to see ones home safe has inspired many people to change loyalties from secured personal loans to an unsecured personal loan. With the trend continuing, days are not far when unsecured personal loans will become as lucrative as secured loans.

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