Once You Learn Attraction Marketing You Will Stop Chasing Friends and Family.

Attraction Marketing is the principle the most successful online network marketers have used to build huge downlines on the internet. In the 78 pages that comprise his most popular book, my mentor pours his heart out explaining how he went from waiting tables to earning 7 figures in the industry by applying the principles of Attraction Marketing to his business. Once he discovered these principles, he actually took a six month break from his business so that he could rebuild his entire marketing strategy from the ground up.

Attraction Marketing will change the way you think about the network marketing industry. It will teach you how to be a marketer instead of a peddler, and how to develop a sales funnel that generates traffic and converts them first to leads, and eventually to buyers of your opportunity. You will also learn the main group of people that you, as a network marketer, should be targeting in your efforts (hint: it’s NOT your friends and family). After you learn the Attraction Marketing Method, you will never again chase your friends and family, or anyone for that matter, to join your business. Nor will you ever think of purchasing leads from a lead company (total waste of money and another recipe for facing lots of rejection). You will instead develop your own personal brand and you will have more than 25 people contacting you on a daily basis, ready to work with YOU. After you begin implementing the principles of Attraction Marketing, you will establish yourself as a leader that your followers know, like, and trust, and you will be able to successfully promote ANY network marketing opportunity that you choose. This is because your company, your products and your compensation plan will all be secondary to the value you provide your followers through the education and the personal relationships that are created via your marketing efforts.

The core principles of attraction marketing can be broken into three steps: you must:

1) build a list,
2) build a relationship with that list where you provide value to your prospects up front and ask nothing in return.

This can be in the form of a free webinar training, a marketing tip, a free eBook or script, or any piece of information that your prospect finds valuable. Once you accomplish this and become someone that your prospect knows, likes, and trusts then you can 3) continually market to your list any products or services you have to offer. Because you have built a relationship with your list, they are now considered your warm market. Because they have developed a trust of you over time, you have differentiated yourself from other marketers providing the same product or service, and you have an advantage that will help you convert prospects into buyers. This principle works whatever your product or service is. It can be an affiliate product that can help them improve their marketing for their business, or it can be the primary network marketing program that are you are promoting. Because your prospect trusts you, they are more likely to buy from you, because of the relationship established through your attraction marketing efforts.

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