Answering Service for Real Estate Firms

While some real estate agents forward office calls to their mobile phones, they never have the time to pick up many of these calls because they are busy dealing with clients. This leaves them with tons of voice messages to deal with and lots of clients lost because the real estate agent was unreachable. The idea of having a remote receptionist service for real estate firms is therefore one that seems like the best solution for this profession. Answering services are great because they give real estate firms the help they direly need when it comes to handling the multitude of calls coming in. A real estate agent can rest assured knowing that all calls made to their firm will be attended to in the most professional manner. Below we highlight some of the advantages real estate firms get with an answering service.


For starters, an answering service can help you stay organized. Clients call for various reasons, while others are ready to take on the property you recently showed them, others are simply enquiring. This means that you need someone who can help you organize the calls you received and grade them as well. With a remote receptionist service this is exactly what you get. You get assistance when it comes to tasks such as appointment scheduling and even grading incoming leads. This makes your firm more efficient and swift when it comes to meeting the needs of the client. This is a great way of helping your firm enhance its professional image.

Cost Savings

One of the best benefits that come with a 24 hour real estate answering service is that it is perhaps the most cost effective way to manage your office. Phone calls are and will always be an important line of a real estate agent’s work. They come in great volumes and for a firm to run smoothly; it may require a couple of receptionists or even set up a call center. This means major investments and not to mention salaries as well and even more financial pressure if your staff are eligible to benefits. This could drain your firm’s resources. With a real estate call center, these are expenses you can avoid because you do not have to hire several people. You simply take up a package and pay monthly prices, thus relieving your firm of the burden of hiring multiple employees or running an office call center.

Lead Capture

The main goal for a real estate agent is to access as many properties as possible for sellers and buyers. This means constantly meeting new clients, preparing viewings and coordinating contracts as well. Sometimes, it’s impossible not to get overwhelmed. This is where a virtual call center service comes in to provide lead generation services. Your clients get direct responses and you get inbound sales information, after hours phone answering and other lead generation services.


Professionalism is the back bone for success. People want to deal with real estate agents that communicate with them properly and are able to be useful information and assistance always. The good thing about having an answering service for real estate firms is that you can rest assured knowing that all calls made to your firm are handled in professional manner. This means that your clients don’t get a call forwarding service or a call center that simply receives messages. What you get is an answering service that can be able to handle your clients’ needs and this is more like having an office assistance although virtually. Calls are prioritized according to importance and only very urgent are forwarded to you. This means that you do not have to worry about the reception your clients are getting and can also work without being bombarded by phone calls.

An inbound call center for real estate firms comes with very many uses as you can see. This are not simply blanket services but customized to the needs of the client. Calls are not made obvious that they are coming from a data center and clients are therefore able to build a good rapport with the firm. These services are increasingly becoming essential in business and the real estate industry is one that could perhaps benefit the most.

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