Tax Refunds for Heating Engineers on PAYE

The second installation of our tax refund mini-series looks at what tax deductions are available to Heating Engineers working under the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system.


The majority of Heating Engineers on PAYE can claim a tax refund. Self-employed engineers, or those who are on CIS, cannot claim this refund service.


The refund can be claimed by any UK taxpayer who provides his/her own equipment and/or small tools for work; anyone who has wear a uniform to work; or anyone who has to incur both expenses. Special definitions in The Income Tax Act (2003) allow regular employees (i.e. those on PAYE) to claim tax deductions against expenses. When applied, these increase the amount of money a Heating Engineer can earn before he/she needs to pay tax.

How much?

If you’re a Heating Engineer on PAYE, and you have to provide your own tools and equipment for work, wear a uniform, or both, you can claim up to £120 tax relief for each year back to April 2004. A total of £600 tax relief is awarded for a full, six-year claim – with the annual amounts being set by the tax office in conjunction with industry trade unions and other relevant industry bodies. The rate has been designed to reflect the average amount a Heating Engineer might have to spend each year in work expenses, and once is has been applied, will result in a cash rebate of approximately £130.

How long?

Allow 10-12 working days from the date of submission, but be aware that this can vary slightly in accordance with how busy the tax office is.

How do I claim?

If you wish to claim tax relief as a heating engineer, you should act fast because the deadline for PAYE claims is approaching. After January 31 you’ll be unable to claim for the 2004-5 tax year.

To claim a tax refund against the tools and equipment you have to provide at work, and/or any uniform you have to wear, take a look at the links below. It takes just a couple of minutes to apply, and it could be worth a small fortune.

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